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We use insight to solve business problems. 

Sue and Justin both have MBAs, and both have over 25 years experience of solving business problems through hundreds of projects. We use insights as our start point, but our interest is in making propositions work for both customers and businesses.

- an internet retailer asked us to research charging for delivery as a way of shaping demand. We found that charging would cause too many people to abandon their orders, so we recommended using minimum order as a less aggressive way to shape demand.

- we were asked by an fmcg manufacturer to set their market strategy by country. In France the key issue was category-penetration, in the UK there was a huge potential for high-margin single use products, and in Ireland there was a need to re-establish the brand.

- we were asked by an estate agent to review their strategy, and found that althrough the branch structure is still very important, specific subgroups would be better served by cross-branch customer service teams

- we were asked by a betting company to review the future for betting shops in a digital age - we found that whilst certain audiences and sports would remain loyal to shops, a significant proportion would leave

- a price comparison website asked us to look at how to make their customers loyal - we found that the very nature of price comparison sites is that they are transactional gateways, and the only way to make customers sticky would be to reframe the business

- a pawn shop asked us to review their business: there were threats, including the insight that young people aren't buying jewellery that has a scrap value, and opportunities, including the insight there is a huge market for trade-in electronics for the middle classes.