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Doing the best research

We design each project on its own merits and requirements, choosing the right methodologies to fit the project, rather than force fitting each project to a set template or 'product'.

Projects can involve any combination of qualitiative or quantititve research techniques.

Qualitative research might involve: diaries, pre-tasks, questionnaires, projective techniques, consumer workshops, 'swap-shops', dual-moderation, in-store mini groups, accompanied shops, in-home interviewing, filming, conflict pairs, re-convened groups, co-creation groups, or something completely new. Whatever works. To ensure we get the right respondents, we take a hands-on approach to recruitment and don't farm it out to fieldwork companies. Many of the groups we do are attended by at least two researchers, because we believe two heads are better than one.

Quantitative reserach, including factor and cluster analyses, can be used first, to set a framework for the qual or afterwards to help validate and extrapolate the qual findings.

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