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Client Testimonials


"I’ve worked with Sense over a number of years and have basically found them to be the best qualitative agency I’ve come across.  They’re hugely insightful, really focussing on solving the business problem and understanding that the customer research is just one part of the puzzle.  They’re also incredibly helpful, often devoting more than the expected amount of time to additional meetings or discussions, and are great fun to work with. They provide insightful research, entertaining and memorable presentations, plus consultancy for the cost of very reasonably priced qualitative research."

Helen Tabrett | Manager, Head of Customer Research and Insight at Waitrose


"Sense have the ability to hone in on the critical issues and communicate them, so that the insight is heard and the organisation is motivated to act. In busy companies, with many competing demands, their ability to cut through and motivate decision makers is key."

Jeremy Garlick | General Manager Group Insight at Premier Foods



"Sense are intelligent, committed and very insightful"

Tom Hampson |  Market Research Manager at Sainsbury's



"I enjoy working with Sense beacuse they always provide actionable insights that challenge my thinking.  Not only do they tell me what is happening, they also offer thoughts on why it’s happening and thoughts on how issues could be addressed."

Paul Tavener | Relationship Marketing Manager at Sainsbury’s



"Sense provides a real strategic output to their consumer research.  Working with them has enabled us to understand our customer profile, which drives our successful delivery of range and in-store environment."

Josie Cartridge | Clothing Marketing Manager at Sainsbury’s